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Yes, Your Apartment Needs An Air Purifier

Multi-family housing is a great way to save money, especially when maintenance costs and repair bills continue to plague the wallets of homeowners. Still, it’s important to be transparent about a potential con of living in close proximity to other families – people smell. Using an air purifier can help alleviate that stink stank stunk.

What Exactly Is An Air Purifier?

It’s simple, really. An air purifier removes contaminants from the air in order to improve its quality. Through the process of passive purification, a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter removes particles – including dust, mold, and smoke – using size exclusion. Small and large particles are trapped by a series of filters (pre-filter, charcoal, HEPA) and the purified air is returned to the preferred space.

Benefits Of Owning An Air Purifier

It’s not always the unpleasant odors of complete strangers that can be remedied by an air purifier. It’s the food we make (darn you, brussels sprouts!) Grandma’s perfume, or the eye-burning aroma of cat urine staining your mattress. Say sayonara to those pesky allergens, too. Pollen, pet fur and dander, outdoor mold spores, and even the COVID-19 virus will face the final boss as their particulates are trapped by each filter and converted into clean air.

Worry Less

Approximately 25 million Americans (1 in 13) suffer from asthma, a condition in which a person’s airways become narrow and inflamed. Asthma sufferers know all too well how difficult it is to breathe during an asthma attack, which can prove life threatening. To prevent and manage their symptoms, asthma patients typically use inhalers. However, an inhaler is only part of the equation. Air purifiers remove the triggers that cause a person – or a pet – to have an inflammatory episode.

Finding The Right One

Let’s be honest here: size matters. The larger the space, the larger the air purifier. You will need to have the precise square footage on hand prior to purchasing. There are four different types of air purifiers, each categorized by product and room size. We’ve created a brief breakdown for each:

  1. Small: Ideal for personal spaces or rooms up to 200 square feet.
  2. Medium: Ideal for spaces between 200 and 400 square feet.
  3. Large: Ideal for spaces between 400 and 1,500 square feet. Best option for an apartment.
  4. Whole-house: If you own or rent a home, this purifier is for you.

If you are renting one of our spacious apartments in a multi-family housing complex, we recommend a large purifier. For optimal breathability and performance, only use a certified HEPA filtration purifier that is specifically manufactured for the dimensions of your preferred space.

At Millennium, we’re here for you. If you need help finding an air purifier for your space, give us a call at 216-831-1400 or send us an email. One of our representatives will be happy to assist.