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These Halloween Decorations Will Haunt You Forever!

Remember when we said it’s pumpkin spice season? Well, it’s still pumpkin spice season – which means it’s also Halloween season. Break out the furry black cat socks and your VHS copy of Hocus Pocus, because we’re about to give you some spooktacular apartment decoration ideas to keep you in the Halloween spirit!

Come To My Window

Okay, so you may not have a front porch. That’s a sacrifice some of us make when we move into multi-family housing. All is not lost, however. Your windows are the perfect campsite for Halloween decorations! Whether they’re cutouts of Winifred Sanderson and her ghoulish – er, foolishsisters, or a pair of excited waving skeletons, window decals are a great way to keep your apartment spooktafied.

Light The Black Flame Candle

…Or any candle that’s bound to bring out the “Boo!” in you. If you’re like us and love surrounding yourself with macabre items during Halloween, creepy candles that also smell delightful are a satisfying mix. Of course, we hope you will exercise caution when lighting a candle in your apartment. Remember: never leave a burning flame unattended.

Don’t Be A Doormat

Your doormat should be a doormat though. If you can’t already tell, we love a good cult classic, and so should you. Halloween-themed doormats with quotes on them are sure to keep the kids and nostalgic adults entertained with a quick laugh – and a stroll down memory lane.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who’s the scariest of them all? You are! With a DIY ghost mirror, you’re sure to give guests (or even yourself) a quick spook. If using a template isn’t your thing, use a photocopier to capture a ghastly image of your hands for the same effect. Cue mirror wiping sounds and creepy horror movie music.

I Put A Spell On You

And now you’re miiiiine. *evil laugh*

Alright, fine. We won’t suck the youth out of your kids in exchange for beauty and glamour, nor will we keep you dancing until dawn. But we will suggest these DIY potion bottles! Fill the bottles with strawberry soda or Kool-Aid for some potion-y deliciousness. For decorative purposes only, fill them with water and food coloring.

From everyone at Millennium, we’re witching you a very Happy Halloween! If you need more decoration ideas, feel free to give us a call at 216-831-1400 or send us an email. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.