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Moving? Here’s How To Pack Your Antiques

Whether they’re family heirlooms, hand-me-downs, or a product of your eclectic taste, many Americans still own priceless and irreplaceable household items. Unfortunately, like everything else we own, they’re prone to damage – especially during a move. We’ve compiled a short list of ways to pack effectively pack your antiques for a move.

Take Inventory

Prior to packing, take a headcount of your treasures. In the event an item breaks or goes missing during a move, you’ll be one step ahead. Taking inventory can be accomplished by photographing your items and storing them on your device, creating an Excel spreadsheet, or by using a streamlined home inventory management software.

Talk To An Appraiser

Still not packed yet? We know. Many antiques have significant value that can’t go without an updated appraisal. Knowing the monetary value of your rare belongings is a crucial component of  moving to a new residence. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full force, many appraisers are available to assess your belongings through video conferencing software from the comfort of their own home or business. Find an appraiser who specializes in the discipline of antiques.

Buy The Right Packing Material

Quality packing material makes a world of a difference. Simply shoving your treasures into a box and calling it a day is a big no-no. For framed art, make sure you use corrugated boxes, corrugated corners, and plenty of newsprint. For ceramic, glass, and wood products, using a generous amount of bubble wrap is key. Seal the bubble wrap with packing tape. Have a few rolls and a dispenser handy. It runs out faster than you think!

Pack, Don’t Stack

Easier said than done. Packing up your prized possessions for a move may seem like a chore, but it’s for the best. Avoid directly stacking any breakables, including ceramic and glass products, picture frames, and wooden bed frames. Instead, use separators and packing peanuts to safely pack them into boxes. The likelihood of damage during transport will diminish. For larger items (such as dressers and wardrobes), use packing blankets and larger separators to reduce friction between the items.

Keep Small Items Close

Sometimes the smallest items are the most valuable of them all. Keep jewelry, watches, and photographs on you or within your immediate reach at all times. Jewelry boxes should be emptied and packed separately. Place the small items in labeled Ziploc bags. Make sure the bags are airtight and place them in a cross-body bag, purse, or laptop case.

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Moving can be very stressful. At Millennium, we’re here for you. Whether it’s help with coordinating a move, more packing tips, or general questions, we’d love to chat. Give us a call at 216-831-1400. One of our representatives will be happy to assist.