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6 Ways to Slash Your Electric Bill for Super Apartment Savings

If you rent an apartment, you’re probably on a budget. Who isn’t right? Especially these days. If money seems to always disappear, it’s understandable. Consumer costs are going up, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Every month, you’ve got to budget your apartment rent, food, bills, and hopefully a little bit of fun too. Want more budgetary room for fun? Cut down on your bills — the electric bill is a great place to start.

In any apartment, there are numerous uses of electricity that can probably be scaled back or cut altogether. And this can add up to big savings, perhaps hundreds of dollars a month. The good news is it’s easier (and more painless) than you think. Here are 6 ways to slash your electric bill for super apartment savings.



Unplug Appliances or Use a Smart Power Strip

If you want to save money on electricity, obviously you should turn off lights when you’re not in a room or you’re away from the apartment. But what about your appliances? Most people don’t realize that just having an appliance plugged in draws energy, even if it’s not on. Unplug toasters, coffee makers, phone chargers, hair dryers and other small appliances when they’re not in use.

Another approach to this problem is to use a smart power strip. It will cut the current off when the appliance isn’t in use.



Dial Back the Thermometer

This is an obvious one, but you probably don’t realize how much you’ll save if you dial back your thermostat just a few degrees. In fact, for every 8 hours the temperature in your apartment is one degree cooler, you save 1 percent on your electric bill. That can add up to big savings. Lower the temps when you’re away from the apartment. Dial it back at night and snuggle under the blankets. Learn to love sweaters.



Cut Your Water Usage

When it comes to cutting back on the amount of water you use, the savings are in the details. Take shorter showers (just 2 minutes less will cut your water usage by 5 gallons). Replace your showerhead with a more efficient model (like one that has a WaterSense label certified to be energy efficient by the EPA). Wash all clothes in cold water. (No, the colors won’t run in today’s clothing).

Wash dishes by hand? It might seem counterintuitive, but you’ll actually save water if you use a dishwasher. Always run the dishwasher as full as possible to maximize efficiency.



Raise the Temp of Your Fridge

Unless you’re hungry, you probably don’t think about your fridge much. But the truth is raising your refrigerator’s temperature by just a few degrees can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Most fridges are programmed to run 2 to 5 degrees cooler than necessary. Keep the temps around 38 degrees — perfect for food but easy on your electric bill.



Keep a Stocked Fridge & Freezer

A well packed fridge and freezer will actually save you energy. That’s because the more food you stock, the less energy is required to keep it all cold. Your food actually helps regulate temperature so your fridge and freezer use less energy. And technically, it doesn’t need to be food. Bags of ice, pitchers of water, or frozen water bottles work just as well. And you can reuse those frozen water bottles as ice packs for picnics.



Replace Air Filters

Dust happens — and it gets in the filters of heaters and air conditioners, which cost more to use. Don’t forget to change the filter on your AC, heater, and dryer. It’s a simple chore that can save you money in the long run.

When you save money on electricity, you have more money to not only focus on bills like your apartment rent — but you have more spending money too. Think date nights, concerts, maybe even a vacay someplace tropical. It’s your money — the more you save, the greater flexibility you have for the good things in life.