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We Love Our Browns. But Also, Keep It Down.

Renting is great for penny pinchers, particularly those who have no interest in landscaping or performing routine maintenance.¬† There are pros and cons to every housing situation, however. When living among dozens of other families in a multi-housing complex, noisy renters have a gnarly habit of making their presences known. Since this is Cleveland, we go hard during football season – even as renters. By the same token, we actively participate in a culture that values mutual respect among neighbors. Since we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, chances are we’re watching the Browns game from the comfort of our own living rooms. We’ve compiled a list of must-knows for maintaining proper football etiquette while renting an apartment.

Shoes Speak Louder Than Words

Listen. We’re really trying hard to not be the neighborhood Karen, but those cinderblock shoes have got to go. We know, we know. Stomping with excitement as the Browns score a goal is an absolutely necessity, but proper football etiquette in an apartment building requires the use of shoes that have little impact on your neighbors. Walls shake. Light fixtures break. Pick a pair of soft shoes, go the socks and/or slippers route, and please try not to stomp too hard.

Words Are Just Loud

Sometimes we have to channel our inner and Britney – we want to scream and shout and let it all out. The Browns are beating our arch nemesis, and yelling with joy comes with the territory. It’s justifiable, right? Yes…to an extent. Remember, your neighbors come from all walks of life. They may have a sleeping infant (if you’re a parent, you know how rare that is), they may be elderly and in need of some quality quiet time, or they could be an off-campus college student studying for an important exam. A beer or three can alter our awareness of our inside voices, so try and remain cognizant. Ensure your surroundings are well-suited to handle an uptick in vocal output.

Use Our Common Areas

Many of our properties have gazebos and exterior spaces for parties. Depending on our unpredictable Cleveland weather, an outdoor football watch party is a great way to safely connect with friends, family, and neighbors. Two of our properties come standard with community rooms, each equipped with TV’s, tables, chairs, and kitchens. Perhaps the most enticing aspect of the community rooms is the ability to host small or large crowds in a private, isolated wing of the complex. The rooms are available to anyone who rents from a Millennium property.


Community room at Randall Park Apartments

Renting a spacious apartment in a multi-family housing complex accommodates the needs of practically any lifestyle. Football is hardcoded into our American values, especially for cities like Cleveland. We take pride in our city’s resilience, and we channel that pride into our sports teams. Being overly enthusiastic about the Browns is the Cleveland way. As renters, we must do so in accordance with our cultural responsibilities.

To reserve a community room at Kimberly Park:

Phone: (440) 842-4747


Reach out on Facebook

To reserve a community room at Randall Park:

Phone: (216) 475-5550


Reach out on Facebook

At Millennium, we encourage you to live your best life. If you wish to place a noise complaint, please contact your property manager.

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